Keepit1hundred (Recruiting)


Apr 2014
lvl 1: Loincloth
Leader Merls or Mandawn
Current Members 40+
Minimal Level 45
Minimal Trophies 500
Language English
Status Open Admittance
Clan Type Casual but Trophy Oriented
Clan Information: We are trying to be a active clan . We play one week tourament then next rest . Our aim will be to make it to top 100 when the time is right.We donate to each other .
Donation Information: Rifles and pyros are the primary troops to be donated.In addition we dont require any member to have troops or request. However we do require them to balance them out. Your recieved count of troops should be close to how much troops you have donated (e.g Recieved troops 130 Donated troops 120)
Recruitment Information: We are a up and coming clan and need active members who are dedicated players and take the game seriously. We are willing to help improve your base ect we try and work as a team.Two female Generals that share the spot.
Profile Author: Clan profile maintained by Merls.