💀Soulreprz💀 (Recruiting)


May 2014
lvl 1: Loincloth
Leader Soulr3ap3r
Current Members 30+
Minimal Trophies 600
Language English but not limited to
Status Anyone Can Join
Clan Type Casual but Trophy Oriented
Clan Information: Adult clan must be 18 Donate before req.on Donate much as u can cuz we clean house every Sunday be active and loyal would rather have 10 members with those attributes than top 10 clan fulla fvck0ffs ༒༺☠།SoLr3p3r།☠༻༒
Trophy Information: We r in farm mode building strong clan is just as important as winning n if you r always worried bout meeting quote u can't build but we do go after tournys 1 a month and have 12 wins as small clan so
Donation Information: We donate min riflemen (4+) also allowed pyros hornets sf troops Blackhawks (cur lvl 3 4 me) ironstorm also lvl 3 . Happy to givem if u holdem. DONATE ONE GUNNER BOMBER YOUR KICKED
Recruitment Information: Great clan knowledgeable have Facebook page to post chat get help talk have a clan chat room if u have Facebook active n we donate wanna have fun build your base not worryn bout making a quota come check us out
Profile Author: Clan profile maintained by Soulreapers.