StratagemScheme (Recruiting)


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Jul 2014
lvl 1: Loincloth
Leader LeeOnis
Current Members 30+
Minimal Level 60
Minimal Trophies 500
Language English
Status Invite Only
Clan Type Casual but Trophy Oriented
Clan Information: Most Clan descriptions should be similar and being in a clan is mostly self explanatory ....Active,Donate n Trophies. Communication and Discipline are fundamentals to having a successful clan/group/friends/family.
Trophy Information: We compete in tournaments and we will take vote if we need down time to farm, upgrade or campaign.
Donation Information: Pyros, RifleMen or Mosquitoes ONLY
If someone wants to ask for something...they may.....if someone wants to cook it =)
Recruitment Information: Come be part of a structure that will build success. LeeOniSteve
Profile Author: Clan profile maintained by LeeOnis.