aussie assassin (Recruiting)


none yet
Aug 2014
lvl 1: Loincloth
Current Members 30+
Minimal Level 50
Minimal Trophies 1,200
Minimal Donation 1 (weekly)
Language English
Status Invite Only
Clan Type Casual but Trophy Oriented
Clan Information: We need members that can pull 1500+ trophies per tournament we do one tournament on and one off we complete in 2500 diamond tournament but will move up to 12000 diamond tournament once we have enough good members. Its a good clan we always donate and we would appreciate some good players request to join and you will be accepted
Trophy Information: We prefer minimum 1500 trophies per tournament
Donation Information: Rifleman, pyros, mosquitos or any other powerful troops try to even out sent/received
Recruitment Information: We are a good Australian clan we accept members from other countries we speak English you will always be donated too if you need help or tips feel free to ask we fight in one tournament then farm the next
Profile Author: Clan profile maintained by kane351.