Soddy Power (Recruiting)


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Oct 2014
lvl 1: Loincloth
Leader alee
Current Members 50+
Minimal Level 80
Minimal Trophies 500
Minimal Donation 9,999 (weekly)
Language English
Status Open Admittance
Clan Type Pursuing Top 100
Clan Information: Soddy Power is the head clan of The Soddy Empire. The Soddy Empire is consisted made of 8 clans, to be not only the best clan, but the best empire of Jungle Heat
Trophy Information: The Soddy Empire believes in honest effort. We believe that you can put in in the most number of trophies that you can possibly put in to establish a greater clan throughout Jungle Heat. Yes we understand that sometime you will not find the perfect base to attack once in a while, but as we pull through together as a team, we will come out on top
Donation Information: Donate as much as you want and take as much as you want,the goal here is to win diamonds, not worry about a damn ratio.
Recruitment Information: Come one come all, take some bitches and fuck them all.
Profile Author: Clan profile maintained by chrislee777.