NAZGUL (Recruiting)


none yet
Apr 2016
lvl 1: Loincloth
Current Members 20+
Minimal Level 80
Minimal Trophies 500
Language english spanish
Status Open Admittance
Clan Type Casual but Trophy Oriented
Clan Information: We are neither crazy active nor lazy active just something in.between
Trophy Information: Ideally would be very minimum of 500 cups during tournament
Donation Information: We donate mostly mosquitoes but we also donate vortex and predators a lot too, NO GUNNERS SLASHERS ETC
Recruitment Information: If you have a life outside of game it's perfect we don't want you having problems with the wify or significant other IT HAPPENS. But if u can bring minimum 500 cups during tournament well come aboard win.some diamonds and have fun
Profile Author: Clan profile maintained by pandapanda.