CC5 - The Arrow

Author Sonnaj
Vitals Type: Defense
Stats Rating: 2 | Modifications: 498 | Views: 1,537 | Comments: 0
Created 5 years ago
(This base plan is part of my starting guide.) Level 5, finally some walls to play around with. In this phase of the game we are at the end of the early levels and as always, we want to upgrade the oil rigs and gold mines. After this, we want to upgrade our defenses (including the walls!). At level 5 the 'Flame Tower' is introduced. Try to max this out as soon as possible. Together with a high level 'Mortar' these to will do devastating damage to enemy forces. Of course, don't forget to upgrade your cannons and watchtower and save your 'Jericho' for the end. We also get the 'Lab' at level 5. Try to always have it going. Research the troops you use most often first. It is very important to keep the 'Worker's Huts' at the corners of the map, because it makes it a lot harder for the enemy to get a 100% win on you, because of the time limit. I hope this one helps you out! :)
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