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How to submit support items

Handling support items is pretty tricky so to ensure we understand you, please include all of the following items when submitting a support item: - P...

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7 years

Transfer save from iOS to Android

I started playing the game on my iPhone, but I recently switched to android. Is there any way I can restore my saved game from the iPhone? I've tried

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8 years

Can't connect to Facebook

Hi, I am using a Samsung S3, I downloaded the app to my phone. I am connected with Google plus but when I try to add friends via facebook it just rest...

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8 years

deleted account

hi, my son accidentally deleted his account when he logged into my gmail account on his tablet. now my world has replaced his. i still have his world

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8 years

Lost account

I woke up one morning and my game was reset as a new download for beginners. For the life of me, I can't remember my player ID. I do remember my isla...

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8 years

What dragon

I breed water and must and got an eh that's not on the list. Help!

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8 years

Getting Dragons to higher levels than the Epic level 10.

I'm trying to find info on how to further evolve my epic dragons past level 10. I've encountered many higher level dragons in the battle arena. Storm

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8 years


get a sploder account and create a video game!

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Flame Troop
8 years

new egg

breeded red and green , got a 8 hour incubation. green egg red spots with brown glasses. can not find it in your egg list. do anyone know what it is a...

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8 years

Lost Komocat

Hi all, When I first got the game I received Komocat. However after a while my island was a mess as I didn't really know what I was doing, so I sold m...

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8 years

Can't log in on my account.

Hi! So today game center just decided to log out for some reason. So when i opened the clash of lords 2 app it asked me to log in my game center accou...

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How to transfer game from Android to ios

I have an account connected to Facebook on my brother's Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, and I am trying to transfer my game to my iPhone as my brother is about

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I have purchased a toner cassette from InkClub but have got no Gems in my Dragon City. How do I claim taht?

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8 years

I can't get my dragons back

I lost my old galaxy 3 it completely died. And now I have a new one and can't get my dragons back. I was a level 17 I don't want to start over.

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8 years

New Islands?

I was just wondering if there is going to be any new islands added to the game? I believe a lot of people are wondering the same thing with the increa...

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8 years

How to use the plan creator?

How do i use the plan creator,i set the title,i set the description and the base level,but how do i set defenses and things?

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8 years

Unable to contribute, leave comments or add results

Can someone please help as I can't comment or add breeding results all my contributions don't register. Even after login/refresh my results are not sa...

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8 years

1002 Error after using a promo link?

Hi all, got hooked a few days ago on this game but now I'm unable to play. I was looking through the Dragons World Wikia and found a old link for a B...

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8 years

Hermes dragon

Twice I have purchased a champion habitat because your site says the Hermes dragon is a champion. This is is Olympus and purple. Wil...

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8 years

Friends with my Sons

Hi I have an game which is connected to my Ipone, my two young sons have started to play on their Ipads and they are pestering me to add them as frie...

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8 years

Legendary Dragon

It says on your site I can buy it for 200,000 gold, but I can't figure out how. HELP PLEASE....

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8 years

New handy

Hi, my Handy was Brocken and now i habe a new one and also a new number but the same playstore... Now i want my old dragonstory but i should start by

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8 years

Boom beach builder layout is wrong

Sorry to say this but the layout of the base in your boom beach builder is wrong, there are some differences with the layout of the "real" game, numbe...

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8 years

Not loading all the way...

The app shows the loading screen on my iPhone and shows it loading but right when the loading screen reaches the end it closes and goes back to my hom...

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8 years

No Level up !!!!!

Hello, I hope someone can help me.I have a Fire Tempel Lvl 50 but my Firemonster (real its a Firemonster)cant Level up from 40 to 50 .Is that a bug ?...

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8 years